The Great Movie Ride: Located in the reproduction of Mann's Chinese Theater, this Audio-Animatronics attraction takes you through the history of the movies. If you take the 1st car - You get the "cowboy" hijacker. If you take the 2nd you get the 20's/30's gangster.  I like the gangster better. Both were good with shooting and fire. Our little grandson got a little scared, but the scene doesn't take real long. Alien and Indy Jones can also be a little scary. But the kids also enjoyed the Wizard of Oz, Tarzan, and Mary Poppins displays. This is scheduled to GO AWAY!!!!! See it now before its gone! New Page 6/3/01


Since MGM is not renewing their contract, and "MGM" will be dropped from the name of the park. The Great Movie Ride is also being re-done. I'm unsure what's going in there. But it will also no longer be the focal point of the park. Click here to see construction of the new store.


Star Tours - Modeled after George Lucas' Star Wars saga. Guests are seated in a 40-passenger runaway "Star-Speeder" as they zoom through space in this Star Wars thrill ride. Again, if you get dizzy easily don't go, or take a Dramamine.  See our special page on Star Wars weekends in May 2000 & 2001.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular - A live show with stunts and special effects, performed on a gigantic movie set. You may even be an extra. It is a great show, starts off with the scene from the beginning in the cave with the giant rolling ball. Also has the plane blowing up and some sword fights.  But it also hasn't changed in about 9 years, so if you've seen it before, it has not changed much. 

Sounds Dangerous starring Drew Carey - Step inside the taping of a TV pilot! Here you'll join Drew Carey for an interactive look at how sound enhances movies and television! I have not been on this. Will try to do it in May when I'm there and bring a report back.


Disney Radio Studios. It's a real working studio featuring broadcasts of the popular Radio Disney weekday show, "Mickey and Minnie's Tune Time", starring B. B. Good.

Attraction Closed

Disney's Doug Live! - Join Doug, Patti, Roger and Porkchop in a live performance highlighting a day in the life of everyone's favorite cartoon pre-teen. My grandchildren loved this. They are at that Nickelodeon age and know this cartoon well. The actors did a good job of looking like "green" and "blue" people. And their singing was excellent. Although older folks with no knowledge of the cartoon may not care much. Several audience members are chosen to perform before the show.

Here's the Hercules Parade from 1997. After 3 years the Mulan parade is gone.  The new parade is AWESOME. Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade. It has all the characters in special themed cars as well as tons of characters walking the parade route. Great Chance to see all the characters up close. And there usually is a meet and greet around the large hat after the parade. . Click here for parade details in all 4 parks.


50's Prime Time Cafe New Page 6/3

Echo Lake Cafe

Hollywood and Vine New Page 8/16

Starring Rolls Bakery

The Hollywood Brown Derby


Echo Lake Cafe

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