The Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacres Farm   Minimum Height 35" New Page 6/18

Donald's Boat -- an interactive fountain -- is anchored in a blue duck pond. This works well for toddlers on a hot day. Let them just run through the water. They get some time to run free (instead of being in that stroller all the time) - and to cool off. Click on thumbnails....


Minnie's Country House  It’s decorated in her favorite color: pink!. You’ll even get a chance to play around in her kitchen, sit in her living room visit her sewing room and garden! Updated 2/20/01.

Toontown Fair Depot - The Toontown Fair Depot for the Walt Disney World Railroad - Stops at Main Street and Frontier land, comes back to Toontown. For a detailed look at the train tour and pictures of our stop at Toon town, click here.

Mickey's Toontown Hall of Fame  Stop by to see some of your favorite classic Disney characters. Three lines, each take you to a different set of characters. The first time we did it, it went really fast. We were in a room with Minnie, Goofy and Pluto.  The second time, we stood in line and it didn't move - I don't know what was wrong. But we were hungry so we left. There is an AWESOME store here too!! All new pics 11/16


Mickey's Country House - Go straight through to the back door, and get in line to visit Mickey!  Hint: Line went really fast. They pull several (I think about 5 families) at once into a room with Mickey. There are quite a few rooms with Mickey's back there so our wait was only about 8 minutes and the line was out the door. Not bad, and you get to see Mickey, he's not going "to go inside and rest" just as it's your turn- like they do outside. ALL NEW PICTURES 2/13/02



County Bounty

Character Greetings:

Judges Tent (Meet Mickey!)

Toon Town Hall of Fame - Daily 10-7pm


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