Updated: 05/20/2002


Swiss Family Treehouse- From the Live Action Disney Movie "Swiss Family Robinson"  you can climb the stairways of this replica of the Robinson family home. It's a cute idea. In my opinion, it needs some updating - Maybe a Tarzan, George of the Jungle treehouse would be good. You basically climb up and walk through, and end up back down at the bottom. Not really exciting. Did you know: There are over 800,000 leaves on this tree house!

J.P. and the Silverstars - This Caribbean steel drum band brings rhythms of the West Indies to Adventureland.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Ahoy, mates! Another of our favorites. Yo Ho Yo Ho!  It's a dark ride, on another boat. You go into the pirate underworld to see the many adventures of the pirates. Starts out very dark, small drop, and two ships shooting cannons. (Little ones may get a bit scared here) The rest is the pirates and their adventures. It's a classic - you've got to ride it!

Jungle Cruise - Your skipper pilots a launch through the rivers of four different continents. We've enjoyed it over the years.  Still a favorite with the kids. Nice slow boat ride, bad jokes!! Updated 5/31
Magic Carpets of Aladdin. It is open now. It is a "Dumbo/Ostro Orbiter" Type ride. You can control your carpet while trying to dodge camels and elephants squirting water at you. Each carpet has two rows. The Agrabah Marketplace is also open - great shopping spot.  New page 4/14/02

Entertainment on the Streets - in the spot that Aladdin is now in




To keep cool on hot days, these sprayers are a good  plan!


The Enchanted Tiki Room -- Under New Management - Join Iago and Zazu on their latest adventure as managers of The Enchanted Tiki Room. This has been recently updated. It is a cute show - it all takes place on the ceiling, do not sit in the front row, it will hurt your neck!! Updated 4/13/02

Shrunken Ned's Junior Jungle Boats - Remote Controlled Boats



Agrabah Bazaar / House of Treasure / Island Supply


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