By far the Best - and our favorite - on Disney Property. You are within walking Distance of Epcot Center (from the right room you can see Illuminations), and right across the Street from MGM Studios.  The shuttle buses of course stop there and take you anywhere on Disney property you want to go.  The Villas Are Wonderful! Small Kitchen (microwave, fridge). We like to eat breakfast in the room - it's quicker and saves a lot of $ (unless of course we've got preferred seating for a character breakfast, then we eat out.) If you order out, the delivery people will meet you at the lobby, they don't come to your room. 
The living room (couch folds out to a bed for the little ones), TV/VCR, the master bed rooms all have King Size beds, with their own TV, whirlpool tub. Each room has it's own hair dryer, Iron, Washer and Dryer. We actually don't take many clothes, we keep washing the pants, and buying new T Shirts. The decks from the rooms have wonderful views. The pool has a great "Clown" slide (for adults and kids), and there is a quiet pool too. The community center offers a game room, crafts for kids, life vests, videos to rent and more! There are tons of shops and restaurants along the Boardwalk.  Restaurants & Entertainment Clubs include: Big River Grille and Brewing Works, BoardWalk Bakery, Flying Fish Café, Leaping Horse Libations, Seashore Sweets, Spoodles, The Belle Vue Room, and The ESPN Club, Jellyrolls, Atlantic Dance.

bbuskers.jpg (32861 bytes)

IBuskers&Kids.JPG (52684 bytes)n the evening there is plenty of entertainment on the Boardwalk! Face painting, carnival games, music (shopping, pin trading, eating). And here's a picture of the Boardwalk Buskers. They provide entertainment for kids of all ages! Our grandkids enjoyed them very much (well, and so did we). Check them out - but they're not called the Busker's anymore. You'll find them doing different entertainment acts along the boardwalk at night. Look for them and get a pic. They love to get their pics taken - even now!

On the left  is a great view from the Boardwalk Inn side, boardwalk.jpg (25282 bytes) shows the Boardwalk, the Villas, and The Swan and Dolphin in the background. (We call it the "Carp" We do not like the Swan/ Dolphin - They are not Disney owned, and you can tell!) On the right is a picture of us with Scott, a great friend to have at the Boardwalk. (But now you can find him at the All Star Movies) After hearing our dilemma at the Carp, he really came through and got us a room at the Boardwalk. That's what makes a Disney resort great, the castmembers. Something the Swan and Dolphin just don't have since they're not officially Disney resorts. The Boardwalk has some of the Best!!!

circusbdwk.jpg (39915 bytes)  

<-----Here's a view from an upper deck at Boardwalk. In the Background is the Swan.

This Picture is from room May 2001. The big 'circus tent' is the refreshment stand.  ---->

bdwkpool.jpg (41060 bytes)

Not shown in the pictures are the kiddy pool, and play area for the little ones. The main pool isn't over 4.5 feet deep. And coming out of the clown slide is fine for most younger ones, the water pressure seems to push up and out - not down into the pool. They do have to be big enough to go down the slide by themselves. No double riders allowed. You can get life vests for the kids at the community center.

The Boardwalk also has a Great Nightlife                               Facepainting on the Boardwalk.

bdwkwide.jpg (31517 bytes)

Here's a shot from the Yacht/Beach Club side - shows off the Boardwalk.  

Convenience Tip: For those who are not Annual Passholders: If you by your Theme Park Passes at check in, your passes are also your room card. It is very nice to have one card for everything!surrey.jpg (29645 bytes)

Save your legs - or prepare early.  We rode the surrey bikes. They were fun... For a minute.  We got one that sat four to pedal, and the kids sat on special kids seats up front and got to read the bell. The only real bad thing.... There are HILLS over the water ways, unless you have a clear path and can get a good pace going, it is very difficult on your legs. Our legs hurt for a couple days after, you really have to pump hard to go over the hills.


The Quiet Pool. Located "around the corner" from the main pool. The building there is the community center. A Great place for kids (or when the rains come). There are videos to rent, games to play, arts, crafts, video games (no $$ required). Couches to watch the movie of the day. A nice out of the way place for the kids to run around and do what they want.

quietpool2.jpg (79325 bytes)



Above Pictures: Taken Feb 2001. The Manager, Quinten Came to pay us a visit in our Villa. (2) A Foggy Morning view from our room. (3) Towel People, left by our maid - really made us giggle when we came back.

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