Here's a map from our first trip to Epcot Center. It is from November 1982  - our first Trip to Epcot Center just one month after it opened on October 1, 1982. We enjoyed it so much we returned again in the Fall of '83! (And we've been addicted to the Kingdom ever since.) Having grandkids now just makes it more fun.

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These maps are very different from the ones you see today. They are not dated like they are now. They were cardboard, tri-folded. 

There are many new additions to  Epcot Center since it's opening. Communicore - who remembers that? It's now Innoventions East and West. There was no Living Seas, Wonders of Life, Norway, Outpost, Morocco, Illuminations, or International Gateway!!! (our Boardwalk which is with in walking distance was still just a field) Horizons was still being completed (the note says it will open in the fall of 1983). Test Track was World of Motion (still miss that). I remember it all seemed so new and futuristic. Even the attractions that were in the World Showcase then have expanded and added new features.

Here's a View from the Sky. This is from my 1983 Souvenir book from Walt Disney World. Where's the water way to the Boardwalk?? Look at all those trees behind Epcot. Look at all that space between the pavilions in World Showcase.  Even The World of Imagination has a lot more walk ways to World Showcase now. They are continuously growing.

Do you have any memories of what Epcot was like in the early years? (What was missing, different...) Let Us Know & we'll post the responses on this page.

Hint: Keep your maps from Animal Kingdom - Compare 15 years from now how much that has changed!
Here's a copy of our "Worldpassport" from Nov 82. It allowed us to travel between the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center. The First of the Park Hoppers!. As you can see the passes were much different then. They date stamped a space in the morning - at your first park. Then ask you went from one park to the next, they stamped "MK" or "EC" to let you into the other park. These passes never expire. If you have one that still has a blank spot, it is still good to use. 

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