In Memory Of:

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea - This ride has turned into a character station. No plans to put another attraction there, or refurbish the old one. We found pictures from our 1976 trip!!! 

Skyway to Tomorrowland-  This attraction is now Closed! November 9, 1999 was the final ride. There are no more skyways left in any Disney Theme park. Click on the link to see some overhead pictures from the skyway. You can now find Characters in the entrance to what was the Skyway. In May 2000, we found the mice from Cinderella there taking pictures and giving autographs. On Halloween it was a candy station.

Mad Tea Party - Board a giant tea cup and revolve your way through the wacky Mad Hatter Tea Party. This is more jolting than Space Mountain. Watch the wait times. It's not a continuously boarding ride. There is also a character greeting spot here. And this great topiary setting, complete with Alice, Mad Hatter, and tons of teapots

"Legend of the Lion King"- Disney's animated musical with Simba, Pumbaa, Timon, and more on stage. A great puppet/ animatronics show. Rafiki hosts this "quickie" version of the story. Great sound, and all your favorite music. Your little ones may want to sit on your lap to see. Hint: When in the queue, (Rafiki's introduction), it is the same story:. Line up by the doors and walk all the way to the right. So do not stand right by the doors, try to stand near the front middle, that's where you'll be when the show starts. Very entertaining. 


This picture shows a view from the top of the Dumbo ride.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant - Since this is not a continuously boarding ride either, the wait can be quiet long. Little ones enjoy the ride, but the wait can be up to 45 minutes (even when the line doesn't look too long). Get there early, or just watch the boards for wait time. It is a cute ride, the rider gets to steer it, so you can ride high or low - or a little of both, but it is a short ride. 






My wife and grandson (he may be too short to see!)

Peter Pan's Flight  Sprinkle yourself with pixie dust and take a fantasy voyage to Never Land. Great Show!!!! You ride in little pirate ships, that take you "over" Never Land. You see the entire story of Peter Pan. Wear white that day and you'll glow in the dark. Not scary for kids. The line usually moves pretty fast. And if you time it right, you end up getting on Small World quickly. They have added Fastpass to this ride, and also have changed the line so it curves around down by the bathrooms around the corner instead of going out in the walkway.  New Page 3/29
The Sword in the Stone Merlin the Magician oversees as children attempt to pull Excalibur, the magical sword in Arthurian legend, from the stone.   Takes place right in front of the carrousel. A cute show. If your riding near show time, stake out your spot, so you can see - and maybe join in! Here's a picture I got of Merlin while I was in the Tinkerbell Treasure's shop across the way. Merlin was very animated. He had said that he had made the mistake of calling a "Ms." by the name "Sir" and to make up for it, he came and got a Minnie Duchess hat, and gave to the little girl.

Cinderella's Golden Carrousel  Gallop around and around on one of 90 handmade wooden steeds, while listening to favorite Disney music, such as "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" and "When You Wish Upon a Star." If your strapping your kids in and want a horse of your own, be sure to stake your claim with a backpack, your rear, whatever you've got. My daughter got hers stolen pretty much out from underneath her. Everyone Runs for the horse they want! For those that get a little dizzy going in circles as long as you're riding a horse doesn't seem to hurt, but standing there you can loose your balance easily. The grandkids love to ride this over and over. Updated 10/21

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Hop aboard a hunny pot for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Brand new, took the place of Mr. Toads Wild Ride. For those Who loved Wild Ride, don't hold a grudge against Pooh for taking his spot! It's a cute one for the kids - and after Snow White, they need a fun one. You bounce your way through a blustery day - visit heffalumps and woozles!! Get there early for a short wait. Although we went on it a couple times and once the wait said 45 minutes (the kids REALLY wanted to go on it again), and we were in and out in 30 minutes. USE FASTPASS and don't wait in any lines. UPDATED 11/13
"It's a Small World" Ok, Ok, so you don't like the song. But it really takes you back to the nostalgia of Disney. It's a slow moving boat ride through the different countries of the world, and the children sing... It's a Small World After All, It's A small world After All... It's a Small Small World.... We have added a BUNCH of pictures of this. Our grandson loves it, so we rode it several times. Updated 11/10
Snow White's Scary Adventures- Snow White claims her place as "fairest of them all."  Can be scary for the little ones. It tells the story of Snow White. But the Witch can be scary. It is very dark, and she turns around and is startles the young ones. But it is a fun ride. Updated 10/21/01


Character festival across from Winnie the Pooh Ride. Lines can be very long, try to get there when the characters first come out.

This is a permanent Character greeting for Ariel, since she cannot walk around the park, the kids can come to her. Open everyday 10 am-7 pm


Tinker Bell's Treasures / Sir Mickey's / Pooh's Thotful Shop

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