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View of Splash Mountain from Frontierland

This was by the old entrance, the entrance has moved since they added the fastpass lines.

Brer Rabbit in Queue

Brer Fox in Queue

Located in Queue Area

Located in Queue Area

The arrow shows a bobber that has been made into a hidden Mickey!!

Brer Rabbit

Brer Fox, and Brer Rabbit "Just don't put me in the Brer Patch!"

After the drop, these falls get you wet also!

Towards the End of the Ride, When everyone's happy and signing

Zip A Dee Doo Da, Zip A Dee AA

Brer Fox and Brer stuck in the Brer Patch

It's the Truth, It's Actual!!

The Laughing Place, good spot for the ones that are too small for the ride to play (supervised of course!)

Another Pic of us on the ride

Our Picture from the drop

Yet another picture of us!

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