In June '00 we added a new feature to go along with the WHERE is it mystery picture.  This is a distorted picture of something somewhere on Disney Property.

The winners are:

(Boy these sure are move obvious when you've got both pictures in front of you, huh?)

#17 This is the sign outside of Ellens Energy Adventure

Winners:meeko_33785, Michelle, Nicole Bauer, Robert Jones, boy14,




#16 This is a topiary of Meg

Winner: Sarah Hodges


#15 - Sleepy - On Mainstreet

Winners: Scott Vedder, Amanda,


#14 - part of the mural from Rafiki's Planet Watch / conservation station.

One winner: Chesire Cat

#13 This is the sign for Creature Comforts at Animal Kingdom.

No Winners this month

#12 The Enchanted Tiki Room:


Amanda; Kyle; Andrew Freeman; Brian B; Susan; Laura; Jenny, Wendy; Barry;

#11 This is the horseless hearse in front of the haunted mansion

Winners: disneyange@aol.com,

#10 Oscar's Truck at Oscar's Garage at the entrance of MGM

Winners: Jimmy McKinley, Disneylova4eva


The Camp Minnie & Mickey Sign in Animal Kingdom, it is a large Blue Bear

Only one winner: Kyle


#8 Mushu from Mulan. This pic taken at Epcot. 


Kimberly Young, Jessica, Kyle, Jenny


This is - Well, you all guessed it! Aladar that is located in front of the Dinosaur Ride (formerly Countdown to Extinction)


Gemma, borograd2001, Dr. Diplodocus and Stinkerbell


This is a Dumbo Topiary that is located in front of the Dumbo ride at MK




Queue Area of Small World

Honorable Mention: Hil

Winner: LISA


This is BALOO from Jungle book (with my granddaughter)


Debbie Frost - Marcelo - Katie Keen - Renee - Barb


The Sleigh outside the Christmas Shop in Liberty Square




King Louie

No Winner



This is a picture of Minnie's House in Toon Town 


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